Book Vs. Movie Vs. TV Show – The Final, 3-Way Showdown

Sidney says in 3 Great TV Shows that Would Not Have Made Great Movies,

“If I just watched the movies, I would have been satisfied. They’re just that good. Well, that’s what I thought until I was introduced to BBC’s Sherlock, courtesy of Netflix and boredom.”

Kathryn says in When Movies and Books Collide-How to Remember that the Movie is Not the Book,

When Movies and Books Collide, please remember that the Movie is Not the Book. Movie studios are not going to spend money creating a film that is only going to attract a very small niche market, but need to attract a larger audience, and are not just trying to pick someone who matches the descriptions from the book, but who will also attract the right audience to come see the film. If you realize that from the standpoint of the movie studio there’s a reason the movie has to be different than the book, then you may realize that the movie is better than what you expected.

I say in Penpal Vs Friend,

Penpal vs Friend = Book vs Movie

I would like to compare those two experiences to reading a book and watching a movie based on the book. Making friends in real life is like watching a movie first then reading the book and usually people don’t read the book after watching the movie, unless the movie is literarily excellent; penpaling is like reading a book first then watching the movie based on the book.

The tough part is when you eventually watch the movie. It’s not about being “good”, “bad”, “better” or “worse”; rather, it’s about being “different“.

I had a similar experience when I watched the TV series “Pass by Happiness” and then read the book “Happy Style”. I have to say, the TV series is better and the producer is obviously a more literary person.

I watched Bridge to Terabithi a after I read the book. I prefer the book slightly because the movie didn’t convey the main character’s thoughts very well – the most important part of the book.

Penpal – > Friend – > Real

Anyways, as long as the person is super, to connect the image in your mind and the one for real is still an enchanting experience, as you see two aspects of the person and gain two friendships overnight. This forms a more perfect image of the person.

My Conclusion:

The book and movie can be equally good depending on which one you read/watch first. A TV show is usually better than a movie since they are closer to the book as well as being longer.

I say in Online Dating Guide,

“What kills is the unrealistic expectations.”

Phil comments in When Movies and Books Collide-How to Remember that the Movie is Not the Book,

“I would never watch a film I had read the book of, and I would never read a book if I had seen the film. I have had too many wonderful books ruined in my mind by watching the film…”

Well, comparing a book and movie to a penpal and friend is an interesting analogy but only holds up to a point simply because with the penpal/friend concept we are dealing with real people and relationships rather than inanimate concepts.

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3 thoughts on “Book Vs. Movie Vs. TV Show – The Final, 3-Way Showdown”

  1. I definitely prefer reading books over watching movies and TV. The funny thing is that if I know there’s a movie adaptation to the book, I would watch the movie first, then I will decide weather or not I will go ahead to read the book. I don’t always read the book before I watch the movie because I will end up not liking the movie and feel disappointed to it. TV, on the other hand, is different in which I would prefer watching the show instead of the movie version because TV is longer. Plus, you get more details when you watch the TV show, which you will find out more about the plot and the characters. Well, different people have different options on books, movies, and TV shows. I prefer reading books over watching TV and movies, but I would also prefer watching TV over movies.

  2. I always prefer to read the book before watching a film. In my opinion, not many films are like the book so i always end up disappointed! For example in Harry Potter they cut away the whole Dumbledore’s sister part, in Hunger Games they even changed some important parts of the book (Madge giving Katniss the mockingjay)…
    The only TV shows that gets along with the book is Game Of Thrones, it is really good.

  3. I have to agree with both you, the book is almost always better than the movie. You have to use more of your imagination and there is more depth to the plot and characters. Furthermore when a book is made into a movie parts of the book have to sacrificed which I can’t stand. Usually pretty insignificant parts but significant to you as the reader. Lastly I have to so very much agree with the Walking Dead. I am really don’t like zombie movies but have found myself jonesing for more episodes. But sadly this show would probably never do well as a movie.

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