Perfecting Your Alternative Lolita Style

Lolita DressLolita is a fashion craze that originated from Japan, but has slowly engulfed western countries with its mysterious and fantastical appearance. For those who are completely mystified by what it means to be a Lolita, it might help to consider it as Victorian clothing on acid – which might be a bit of a difficult concept to get your head around.

girl in striped socks

There are many variations on the Lolita style including ordinary, gothic and cute, but obviously one of the best variations of this sub culture is the alternative punk Lolita look. This isn’t just a fashion craze for cosplayer’s; for many people this is their complete identity and they wear the Lolita look with unrivalled pride.

Dressing The Part Of Lolita

You can’t become a Lolita without embracing the frills, as Lolita dresses in particular are layered heavily with them. Classic Lolita is usually done with longer dresses, but as long as they are creatively designed, you can get away with shorter styles.

One of the best parts of alternative Lolita fashion is that it is entirely creative and no two cosplayers’ will look alike. It can be fun and addictive to take various parts of your outfit and customise them yourself. You don’t need to sell your soul to afford pre-made Lolita dresses either, as a cheap and creative of finding one is to seek out some old clothes from charity shops and then emblazon them with buttons and lace.

When it comes to footwear, Lolitas sniff out the chunky heeled, cutesy versions of what you may have worn at primary school. Alternative women can mix this up with a range of feistier platform styled shoes or some unique styled creeper shoes.

Don’t Forget You’ll Need One Hell Of A Hair Style

Lolita hair tends to be long and lightly curled, but the brilliant aspect of being an alternative Lolita means there are no real rules… just be inspired and make this style your own. Don’t just style your hair and be done with it, decorate it with various creative looking ribbons and hats too.

Alternative Lolitas rock the bold and vibrant colours like no one else, so using a quality hair dye such as La Riche Directions in a rainbow of colours means that your perfect locks are affordable and give you the perfect top to toe Lolita look.

Mystify With Your Makeup

Your eyes will need most of your attention in order to complete your look, so lighter eye shadows that can contrast dark eyeliners will draw attention to this area the best. Making your lashes look thick with mascara may seem like an obvious addition, so if you want to make your eyes stand out even more you can invest in some ultra-long and creative looking fake eyelashes.La Riche Directions Hair Dye
With the almost doll-like quality that comes with the Lolita appearance, a quality foundation for flawless looking skin is extremely useful. Nothing completes your perfect looking skin better than rosy pink cheeks, and a blusher that blends easily is perfect for completing your dolly look. If you’re going for a bold look then the darker the better, which can be topped with your favourite lip-gloss to make your lips stand out even more.

So, whether you love cosplaying and you want to try out this bold style or you simply want to be someone else for the day, alternative Lolita is the way to go. It may not make sense to outsiders to begin with, but with Lolita slowly engulfing our culture it’s a fashion craze that’s not going die out anytime soon.