Iron Man 3 – More Than Your Average Summer Blockbuster

Iron man 3 is more than your average summer blockbuster. It’s the continuation of a greater story. It takes place after the events of “The Avengers” and for all intents and purposes it’s the beginning of the next chapter in the unified Marvel movie universe.

Expectations Vs. Reality

The anticipation for this movie has been high, and with such lofty expectations it’s easy to come away disappointed.

The truth of the matter is, that It isn’t hard for some to become jaded and expect something less. How many times has a franchise sequel or prequel disappointed its fans? Simply adding a number after the name doesn’t mean it matches the original work. It’s a heavy burden for the studios. This film comes at a time where some people think that Marvel has peaked in the charts. That they’ve pushed the limits as far as they can go.

Luckily, I can honestly say that this movie doesn’t fall short at all. In fact, Iron man 3 exceeded all my expectations.

The Story Line

Tony Stark played by Robert Downey, Jr. has indeed gone far from his not so humble origins. He has grown in front of our eyes, and his lovable yet narcissistic behavior has made for some great laughs and makes the entire franchise noteworthy entertainment for all ages.

The third installment of Tony Stark’s adventure promises more of the same winning combination that made the previous movies such hits. Witty humor combined with subtle suspense that often leads into intense action sequences. A hint of romance for added flavor, oh and of course, the armored Suits that almost always takes center stage.

The story is new and unique, full twists and turns that can leave the audience in wonder. It doesn’t follow the typical superhero movie with a popular villain as an antagonist. The simple formula of 1+1=2 is what we’ve come to expect from a superhero movie, but IM 3 takes a detour along the way. In fact there was one particular revellation that came at me like a rampaging bull, quick and deadly. I was blindsided and surprisingly enough; I was in awe. It’s not every day that I go to watch a movie expecting to see one thing and find something else altogether. There’s one particular midway scene that blew my mind and I never quite recovered. Surprise after surprise hit me in an unrelenting tempo that left me breathless until the end.


As usual for a Marvel movie, the special effects and CGI are top notch and it’s hard to differentiate what’s a prop and what’s computer animation. Not that I spent any large time taking note of the irregularities – the movie kept me immersed in the sequence of events. Ensuring that my attention was on the scenes, from start to finish.

 Spoilers ahead

The flick picks up after the events of the Avengers (haven’t seen it? Watch it now!), and we see a different Tony. A man suffering from the anxieties of his past. The signs of post traumatic stress disorder are all there, and they continue throughout the movie.

Initially the film concentrates on the normality of Mr. Stark’s life, complete with him tinkering with a new version of his suit and his on-going romance with Pepper Pots (Gwyneth Paltrow). It is everything we’ve come to expect, only with dark undertones. I suppose, the real credit goes to the acting because I could feel the changes and subtle differences of the character. I saw a subdued Tony Stark, not quite as vibrant as before but still charming.

The whole situation changes when one of his friends Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau ) gets caught in an explosion. This is where the modern day Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) enters and does the usual villainous monologue. The take on the villain was new and it didn’t quite sit well with me as an old school fan of the comics, but I do admit it was brilliantly done and it fit the puzzle perfectly. Most of the scenes involving the super villain left me with chills down my spine, and I was rather thankful that it was only a movie.

It isn’t long before the brash and overconfident Tony Stark reappears and says he’s going to get good old-fashioned revenge. The conflict starts in earnest. From that point on it’s like one action scene after another, with tiny bits of breathing room in between. I imagine it would have been easy to turn the whole thing into one over-the-top explosion after another, yet it doesn’t happen. The action stays riveting and maintains the right pace all the way to the goal. Enough to keep the viewer entertained with dazzling visuals yet still being able to tell the larger story.

We see Iron Man like we’ve never seen him before. A super hero forced to adapt to his situation and limitations. Lucky for him, he’s a billionaire genius. There are plenty of jury-rigged gadgets involved and I do admit, it’s different but no less captivating.

Lastly, we get to the climax of the whole thing. The part where every fanboy wets their pants with excitement. The unstoppable charge of battle armors coming to their creator’s aid. From that point on it was one gigantic action scene. Throughout the constant combat he’s able to switch armors on the fly. They make it look so easy too, as if he’s just changing sunglasses. And while he’s concentrating on his foe, the man behind the super weapon Extremis, the rest of his battle suits battle in the background. We see an evolved Iron man, battling for his life and more. It gives us a glimpse of what the character could be a few more movies down the road. He may not have any super powers but he is definitely a superhero. All in all it makes for one epic display of cinematography. In fact, I think the scenes were so good, that I can confidently proclaim that it’s my favorite out of all the summer movies I’ve seen so far.


As a long time fan of Iron Man, I have to say there are a few aspects of this movie that disappointed me. But, it doesn’t do much harm to it, overall. The action is perfect and is mind-blowingly epic at certain points. The acting is superb, the deep yet subtle characteristics that define good acting are apparent in each of the major cast members. The story is a jagged puzzle, that comes together haphazardly and will leave you with an incomplete picture until the final moments. I give this movie a strong 9 / 10.

Iron Man 3 is a great move, and the last time I checked it has already made $300 million abroad. Marvel certainly knows what they’re doing with the franchise. They make us wait and wait, and finally deliver a movie that is worth waiting for. Still my patience can only go so far, luckily the next part of the saga (Thor), comes out in November.

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  1. Iron Man is one of my favorite superhero movies. I remember the first time I watched the first Iron Man movie, I knew I was going to like it because I thought Robert had done an outstanding job making the movie an entertaining and exciting. That was one of the reasons I started liking Iron Man movie, as well as the second and the third installment of the Iron Man movie. I could say I was happy that I was able to watch the third Iron Man last week, after debating if I was going to watch because I have heard it wasn’t as good as the first or the second movie. I still like the Iron Man 3 for the fact that it was one of my favorite superhero movies, and I wasn’t as disappointed as I thought I would because it had a good storyline. However, the main female character that was in the first and the second Iron Man didn’t appear quite often as the previous two Iron Man movies, and the action wasn’t as good as the second movie. I still like Iron Man 3 for the fact that Robert had done another outstanding job making the movie much entertaining and was better than I expected.

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