Being Human – A Superb Tale of a Vampire, a Werewolf and a Ghost

It’s not every day that I’m introduced to a tv show and find myself dropping almost everything just to keep watching. It’s one of those moments that are few and far in-between, where someone recommends something and I give it a try, only to find out it isn’t as good as I was led to believe – it’s  better. Being Human (US) has recently captured my imagination and driven me to marathon the entire series. Watching episode after episode was a test of endurance that no doubt would have made even the staunchest of Olympians green with envy. For a few days, there was little to no sleep but I can honestly say it was worth it.

Being Human Cast

The Premise

Vampires, werewolves, and ghosts take center stage in this character driven drama. It’s set in the modern day, in the city of Boston. The whole story revolves around three individuals. A non-sparkling vampire named Aiden, which just happens to share a house with a werewolf (Josh) and a ghost (Sally). The three roommates, despite being monsters straight out of our darkest fears, try their best to live a normal life or in their case, as normal as they can get it.

Why You Should Watch

A vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost walk into a bar… Sounds like a bad joke doesn’t it or if not that, it seems like a tale that’s already been told. I admit, it may sound a little similar to some of the other entertainment series out there but I can tell you that it’s more like a refreshing breath of fresh air.

There’s no grand evil that needs to be vanquished, neither is there an unbreakable bond of love that needs to be fulfilled or some obscure prophecy. These characters just try to go on with their lives or afterlife, trying to do what is ‘right’ along the way but often times end of with an entirely different result. People will die because of their mistakes and they’ll regret it but I don’t think it can be avoided. For one it’s realistic that way and its events like it help the characters grow and evolve.

Instead of the standard epic plot device, they’re driven by their relationships and their wants, not unlike an ordinary human being. Of course, these desires often lead to conflict; after all, they aren’t the only things that bump in the night. Master vampires, old werewolves, and murderous humans come out of the woodwork throughout the whole series. The build up is full of drama and some angst but the clashes always tend to be quick and brutal. There’re often bloody enough to satisfy anyone who loves to see supernatural beings go at it.

Some Spoilers

There’s nothing like a well-described spoiler to help someone decide whether to give a story a try. It really wouldn’t be spoilers if I talked about the usual conflicts of a murdering vampire (who just happened to be trying to stop drinking from the living) could get into, or the dilemmas of a werewolf who hated his curse. Instead, let’s talk about the misadventures of a ghost; they aren’t as mainstream after all.

Well, in the course of the series Sally the ghost learns to harness her spirit abilities and make a general nuisance to her murderer, all the while having fun and living the life, possessing some random girl and having a drink while partying down isn’t beneath her. While that’s a human reaction, the true badass moment comes from when she’s just had a traumatic event happen to her.

She turns into this zombie looking poltergeist that is creepy as heck and can affect the real world. Think of your worst nightmare, and magnify that by 10. The dark rotting looking skin and beady white eyes staring into nothing has given me nightmares. That’s not to mention that she doesn’t even do anything and stuff start flying off like there’s a tornado around. Flying silverware of vengeance anyone? While creepy, I still think it’s kind of awesome.


There’s a good amount of violence and sexuality in this series, no nudity but lots of people in their underwear, and plenty of blood and gore that isn’t suitable for young children. It isn’t over the top though, just the right amount to showcase the damage and brutality of combat.


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