When Movies and Books Collide-How to Remember that the Movie is Not the Book

There are plenty of movies that are based on stories from books, and this always forces people to decide if the book is better than the movie or vice versa. In most cases, the book always wins because it provides more detail, allows you to use your imagination, and contains the full story. Movies cut out characters or parts of the story, they add in characters and they make everything too perfect.

Books are Paper-View Movies

But even after reading a book, most people prefer to see the movie just to say they’ve read and seen both and can make a detailed and educated decision. Because of their love for the book, though, most people will dislike the movie from the beginning, and here are a few ways to remember that the movie is not the book.

Remember that studios have a time limit.

Book authors can write their story without any type of time commitment. Since the length of the book depends on how quickly you read it, they can add in characters and details as often as they want. Movies on the other hand tend to stick to a 1.5 to 3 hour time limit for their movies, and if all the characters, details and storyline from the book cannot be conveyed in this time frame, then certain tidbits of the story will need to be removed.

Remember studios need to attract a larger audience.

It’s possible that the book you read was made to target a very specific niche market. For example, love stories tend to attract females, and vampire love stories like Twilight tend to attract teenage girls. But movie studios are not going to spend money creating a film that is only going to attract a very small niche market. This means that they’ll have to add in certain celebrities or change the storyline a bit so that a larger audience would find it interesting.

Remember that movies are showing, not narrating, the story.

The main reason that people like books more than movies is because they can use their own imagination to bring the story to life. They can imagine the setting, and they can imagine how the main characters look, and if you read the book first, the visions in your imagination become the story. If the settings or characters in the actual movie don’t match your visions for the characters, then you may be turned off, but you need to remember that the studios are not just trying to pick someone who matches the descriptions from the book, but who will also attract the right audience to come see the film.

The book and the movie are always going to be different, and it’s very important that you understand this. Chances are you will always think that the book is better than the movie, but if you open up your mind a bit and realize that from the standpoint of the movie studio there’s a reason the movie has to be different than the book , then you may realize that the movie is better than what you expected.

3 thoughts on “When Movies and Books Collide-How to Remember that the Movie is Not the Book”

  1. I think there are more movies that are based on books such as Harry Potter, Twilight, Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games, The Mortal Instruments, and Vampire Academy. Among these movies, Harry Potter, Twilight, and the Hunger Games are the most popular movies that are based on the novels, and these are the movies I have watched and didn’t really like. Don’t get me wrong, I think the special effects, characters, and the storylines are very good, but they aren’t my cup of tea. I think it perhaps that I have read the books before I watch the movies and I have expected so much in the movies and have put a lot of emphasis on them, which I ended up getting disappointed. I would say if I watch the movies before I read the books, I would have like the movies more. There are two movies that I really like that are based on books, which are “Carrie” by Stephen King and “A Walk to Remember” by Nicholas Sparks. These are the movies I can watch over and over without getting bored, and I don’t often watch movies more than once unless I absolutely love the movies.

  2. Most movies are based on books and are usually pale imitations of the original books. Having to fit the plot into a 2 hour movie is usually impossible, so significant sections of the original story are omitted, leading to dissatisfaction in anyone who has read the book first.

    If you watch the movie first then your imagination is stunted because you keep picturing the film’s actors rather than the characters who the author is trying to portray in the book.

    Many movies seem to have the special effects as the star. Yet no matter how dramatic the effects they can never match what a reader imagines on reading the book, either in features or scale.

    I realise that films and books are designed for different groups and perhaps it is better to keep them that way. I would never watch a film I had read the book of, and I would never read a book if I had seen the film. I have had too many wonderful books ruined in my mind by watching the film from the Harry Potter films to Roald Dahl’s Matilda

  3. I guess I may be a little different than most people on this issue. I often enjoy both the book and the movie. My preference is to read the book first to get all I can from it. Then I see the movie. I never expect the movie to be just like the book but I enjoy some of the nuances brought out in the movies. I really like it when the ending is different, it’s like having a good friend you’ve been away from for awhile and when you come back they are still who they’ve always been but have grown and changed a bit while you were gone.

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