Great Franchises That Need to be Made Into Blockbusters

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With the success of Transformers that surprised many people, and the previous acclaim of the Pirates of the Caribbean story, it seems safe to say that almost any franchise can be turned into a successful series of films – even if that franchise is based on children’s toys or a ride at a theme park. As long as the concept is strong, and film makers give enough respect to the source material, then there are countless different places where studios can plunder ideas for films. Of course it helps if the franchise also has a fan base as huge as the transforming robots.

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But while Hollywood has managed successfully to turn many of these popular characters and stories into great films already, there are certainly opportunities that they have missed thus far and many other great sagas that are just waiting to be given that touch of cinema magic. Here we will look at some great franchises and stories that really would make great films.

Nendoroid Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog: For anyone who has played a recent Sonic game such as 06, Unleashed or Colours, may I direct your attention to the cutscenes and particularly the opening videos. Normally these are brilliantly animated, full of action and style and just screaming out to be turned into a CG film that would have a huge potential audience. Get on it someone!

Thundercats: There has been talk of a Thundercats film for some time now, and a lot of work has been put into fan-made videos that show not only the potential for such a film, but also the large audience that it would have if it was released. Another 80s cartoon in the same vein as Transformers, this could potentially mimic that success and so might offer a sensible bet for studios.

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He-Man: And while we’re on Saturday morning cartoons – why not bring back this classic too? With a bodybuilder in the main role, and a CGI Skeletor this could be nostalgic and campy in all the right ways (and can someone please redo Dragon Ball Z?).

Johnny Bravo, Rojo & Mac Mini

Johnny Bravo: This is another one that has already been considered for the Hollywood treatment, and at one point it was suggested that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson might play the lead. That has to happen.

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Dexter’s Lab: And if we’re doing Johnny Bravo then could we please have Dexter’s Lab back too? With the right special effects his lab could be truly incredible and once again fulfil the secret wishes of just about every young boy on the planet.

The 2012 Central Canada Comic Con - Deadpool

Deadpool: If film studios want ideas for their blockbusters then there are few such fertile resources as the world of comic books. Deadpool is a fan favourite character and one who wasn’t done much justice in the Wolverine film. Let’s hope that the plan to reboot the character but keep Ryan Reynolds in the role goes through.

Halo: Unfortunately video game films have a bad reputation, and the fact that Tomb Raider should be the most successful so far is a poor reflection on the concept. However with the right director and special effects, there’s no reason that the rich and highly visual world of the Halo franchise wouldn’t make a fantastic big-budget hit.

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  1. These are all great ideas! If done correctly I would watch the movie version of all of these! That’s a big “IF” though. I mean, with any adaptation, you have to be very careful with how you’ll transform one media to another. Especially with the He-man movie, it would have to be some overly serious but low budget film that tries so hard that it becomes hilarious. If the regular hollywood producers made that it would probably just suck.

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