The Top 5 Terrifying Day Trips For Halloween

The time is nearing when monsters and ghouls will come out to play; ghosts walk the earth and the boundary between the world of the living and the dead is blurred. As Halloween is approaching, we all love to scare ourselves silly and there are some fantastic events and activities happening around the UK for us to all indulgence in some spine chilling fun! Here are our top 5:

Alton Towers Scare Fest

The Alton Towers Scare Fest has been running for a number of years now and it keeps getting better and better. The park is open late in the evenings so you can experience thrilling rides in near absolute darkness.
Take a walk through the genuinely terrifying scare mazes; stay away from the spooky live actors who just love to make you jump out of your skin and let’s hope you make it through to the other side!

The Hell Fire Caves

These spooky caves have long been renowned for their paranormal activity; brave visitors have reported seeing a young girl, a bride to be, waiting for her love and a devoted steward from many, many years ago, searching for his lost heart.
After a trip to the Hell Fire Caves be sure to check your camera as there have been many sightings of light orbs that have only been captured in photographs. What are they? Could it really be a coincidence that so many visitors found these light orbs in their photos?

Hop Farm’s Freak Week

Hop Farm’s Freak Week is quite simply one of the most terrifying days out around; it was awarded Winner of the Best Halloween Scare Attraction in 2011! Attractions include an abandoned Pie Factory that was shut down as human remains were found in the pies; do you dare enter the Slaughter House knowing what happened there?
Have you heard of the Fun House? It’s not the immensely popular children’s attraction it once was; it’s been overtaken by a gang of frantic, violent circus freaks.  Can’t resist a look inside? On your head be it!

The Tower Of London

The Tower of London has a reputation of a place of torture and anguish and rightly so. If you haven’t visited this historic site before then this Halloween is the perfect time to go. The ghost of Anne Boleyn, the poor beheaded second wife of Henry VIII, is said to haunt the chapel of St Peter carrying her head under her arm.
There have been numerous reports of unknown ghosts, apparitions of wild animals and famous ancient figures walking the halls of the Tower of London; who will you see?

Shakespeare’s All Hallows Festival

The Victorian Halloween Festival in Stratford on Avon is underway once again and it’s full of scary and fun activities for the whole family. If you want to be frightened half to death then this is right place for you and if all this scary stuff isn’t quite your cup of tea then there’s no shortage of harmless Halloween themed fun!
Don’t be a bore and sit inside this Halloween; dress up as a monstrous beast or a chilling ghoul and set out for a Halloween day trip!

This article was written by Jennifer Griffiths on behalf of Fast Fancy Dress; if you’re looking for this year’s Halloween costume, there’s nowhere better to go.