Famous fireplaces found in film

Many a famous event has taken place around the fireplace when we take a close look at some of our favourite films.

The reason for this is simple: as well as being a highly symbolic and attractive feature to capture on film, fireplaces are where we’ll find family and friends; most often in the living room, they’re instantly recognisable for setting a home scene.

Take Home Alone for example. It’s here where we see a young Macaulay Culkin sitting in his perfectly decorated living room, admiring his beautifully decked out fireplace mantel and Christmas tree. The irony of course here however, is that he has to enjoy it alone… until the bad guys come that is.

The James Bond franchise has been the source of many a dastardly lair for the criminally-inclined; in many of which, the humble fireplace has yet again been a prominent feature. John Lautner’s Elrod House from the 1971 film Diamonds are Forever is one building, complete with near-open fireplace, that will long be revered thanks to its distinctive circular “sunburst” concrete canopy which appears to float above the main living area.

The building – which is literally been naturally crafted around the rocky landscape of Palm Springs, California – has an impressive five bedrooms, five baths and a half master suite with an entertainment deck to boot.

The fireplaces of 1997’s Titanic were designed to equally as opulent – even if representing a different time period completely. Several iconic scenes took place beside the fireplace, including the infamous moment where Rose (Kate Winslet) asks Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) to paint her wearing only a necklace.

Later, we would see another fireplace scene, symbolic of the carnage caused when the ill-fated liner struck the iceberg that caused the ship’s demise. In this section, the ship’s architect can be seen watching a clock sway back and forth violently on the hath, realising the impending fate of the vessel.

In Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, we’re invited into numerous Hobbit homes – most notably those of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, from which their epic journeys begin. Playing on the countryside theme of the Shire, these films – and soon, The Hobbit series – have proved to be an excellent source of inspiration for those interested in investing in stone fireplace mantels for their very own rustic or cottage home.
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